Your Advantures

Your adventure has fixed route or set itinerary, thats up to you

Your group will consist of yourself and those you bring with you (maximum of six in total) and apart from your guide, no-one else.

This allows you to set the pace and decide what you do…

You can create your own unique adventure by combining caving, abseiling and photography.
If the weather is nice some rock climbing is an option too.
You can choose to focus on one activity only, it’s up to you.
You don’t even have to stick to a plan, generally the day just evolves!
Once you have given us an idea of what you hope to do, we can pick an appropriate starting point and off we go. The rest depends on the pace you set, the choices you make along the way and to some extent the water level and the weather.

There is about a kilometre of cave to explore with seven entrances, multiple abseil sites, from 10m to 46m high, and a selection of climbs mostly of easy to intermediate grade.

On a six hour trip you spend about five hours out there doing stuff! With larger groups (4 to 6) the six hour trip usually ends up taking a bit longer.

The actual time we spend out there is up to you, you may want to stay out there enjoying the place untill the last second or you may wear yourself out and finish early, no problem! If you have a tight schedule and need to get away at a particular time, we can manage your adventure to finish when you need to.


Don’t feel that you are ‘missing out’ if you opt for a shorter adventure, our whole concept is to be able to fit the adventure to you!
Longer, Full day adventures are avaliable by prior arrangement. This is a good idea if you want to do lots of rock climbing and abseiling, as well as exploring the cave system or get seriously into cave photography.

Clothing and Equipment.

We provide all the technical equipment required.

We have a range of rock climbing shoes but you are welcome to bring your own if you have a pair.

We also supply you with clothing:

  • Thermal top,
  • Fleece vest,
  • Fleece Jersy,
  • Thermal long johns,
  • Shorts,
  • Thick socks and gumboots. Gumboots??
    We use PVC gumboots (rather than rubber) which have excellent grip on
    wet rock and are worn by just about everybody who goes caving in NZ.

If it’s raining we have lightweight raincoat’s to keep the rain off while we are outside.

This is a “dry” adventure, meaning we wear comfortable clothes and
generally stay out of the water.

As opposed to Black Water Rafting when you wear a wetsuit and sit in a tube
up to your waist in cold water!

Depending on your choices you may keep your feet dry all day, get wet to above
the knees or get even wetter if you really don’t care!

When rain brings the water level up it is harder to keep your feet dry.

When it floods we keep up out of the water and our options are limited to the
sections of cave where we can do this, but the roar of the water is rather
impressive in places…