Rock Climbing

You can try a ‘taste’ of rock climbing as part of a ‘bit of everything’ adventure, include some climbing as part of a journey up and down the cliffs to get to the cave, or spend the entire day attempting to climb everything in sight – it’s up to you! Rock climbing is weather dependant and if its raining we are limited to caving and abseiling for the day.

Initially developed with beginner to intermediate climbers in mind, the cliffs upstream of the cave now have over 50 bolted sport climbing routes, ranging from grade 10 to grade 22.

For begginers there are plenty of easy, and not quite so easy, routes to be climbed on top-rope.

If you have had a bit of experience there are some great climbs with a wide variety of moves and plenty of height.

We can also get you started on lead on climbs set up for the purpose.

For lead climbers, show us your stuff and we’ll hand over the rack and belay!

Never tried climbing before?

No worries! We’ll get you up there on top-rope, it’s the safest form of rock climbing.

You (the climber) wear a harness and are clipped into the rope, which runs up through the anchors at the top of the climb and back down your belayer (your guide).

If you slip, the rope (NOT that other bloke at the bottom) ‘catches’ you almost immediately, with the distance of the fall being limited to the amount of stretch in the rope.

We provide climbing shoes with sticky rubber soles, but even the gumboots we wear caving are surprisingly good on rock, and even better than ‘sticky boots’ when it’s a bit wet!

Usually the belayer is at the bottom of the climb – most indoor climbing halls are set up this way. Sometimes, as in the photo below, the belayer is at the top with the anchors.

Travelling with your own equipment?
You are welcome to use the crag before or after your caving adventure with us, or camp overnight and climb the next day.

We can also steer you in the direction of other local climbing areas too.

Experienced local climbers with their own gear are welcome to use the crag but you MUST contact us first.