We have a variety of abseil sites, from 10m to 46m high. Most adventurers get to at least two, usually three. If you are really keen and fit we can go on a journey that incorporates five different abseils. And if you enjoy a particular descent and want to to it again, that’s possible too!


Your safety is ensured with a top-rope belay system, where you control your descent on the abseil rope, while your guide keeps you safe by belaying you with a second rope. Not sure if you can or even want to abseil but your friend/family/partner does? We can take a route with abseils that can be by-passed by ‘walking’ around them, and there are good safe spots for watching and taking photo’s, so abseilers and non-abseilers can have a fun adventure together.
Also not a problem, if you get right to the edge and change your mind!